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Dutch Factory Activity Shrinks
The NEVI Netherlands Manufacturing PMI fell to 49.6 in November of 2019 from 50.3 in the previous month, pointing to the first contraction in the manufacturing sector since June of 2013. Order book volumes declined at the fastest pace since April 2013, amid unfavourable demand conditions and continued uncertainty; output reduced and employment growth slowed to the softest pace since early-2015. Meanwhile, both input costs and output charges fell at the fastest rates for over three years. Nonetheless, manufacturers remained optimistic that output will expand over the coming 12 months, with sentiment strengthening from October although expectations remain subdued in the context of historical data.

Dutch Factory Activity Growth at Over 6-Year Low
Production declined for the first time since April 2013 and rate of job creation eased to the slowest in seven months.; buying activity declined at the fastest rate in over six years and Stocks of finished goods declined for the second successive month. Also, new orders growth eased to a three-month low while new export orders increased following September's decline. On the price front, input costs fell for the first time in over three years and at the steepest pace since April 2016, as lower demand influenced raw material costs; while output costs continued to rise. Finally, manufacturers' output expectations softened to the second-lowest since August 2013.

Dutch Factory Activity Growth Remains Sluggish
The NEVI Netherlands Manufacturing PMI came in at 51.6 in September 2019, unchanged from the previous month, signalling only a modest improvement in operating conditions. New orders and output rose at a slower pace, as export orders fell for the second time in three months, reflecting weak foreign demand. Meanwhile, the rate of job creation was the fastest in eight months. On the price front, inflationary pressures weakened, with input prices rising only marginally, while the rate of output price inflation was markedly below the long-run series' average. Looking ahead, business sentiment was the highest in eight months.

Dutch NEVI Manufacturing PMI at 3-Month High
The NEVI Netherlands Manufacturing PMI increased to 51.6 in August 2019 from 50.7 in the previous month. The reading pointed to the quickest expansion in factory activity since May, as new orders rose modestly for the first time in three months. As a result, growth in output, employment and purchasing activity picked up. On the price front, inflationary pressures remained weak as input costs rose at the second-slowest rate in three years and the rate of charge inflation was marginal overall and below the series average. Looking ahead, the level of positive sentiment in the manufacturing sector eased to the lowest since May, although output expectations remained positive overall.

Dutch Manufacturing Growth Remains at 6-Year Low
The NEVI Netherlands Manufacturing PMI came in at 50.7 in July of 2019, unchanged from June’s six-year low. Output growth slowed to its lowest level since May 2013 and new orders declined for the second month in a row. However, the consumer product sub-sector remained strong, and manufacturers on the whole continued to take on extra staff as they expected export prospects to improve.

Dutch Manufacturing Sector Grows the Least in 6 Years
The NEVI Netherlands Manufacturing PMI fell to 50.7 in June of 2019 from 52.2 in the previous month. The reading pointed to the weakest pace of expansion in factory activity in six years, mainly due to a fall in new orders. Looking ahead, manufacturers' expectations for output rose to the strongest in five months on the back of positive forecasts of new products, bigger budgets and a revival in exports.

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